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I heard that in Thailand you can go and make out with a girl or more for few dollars, thing which makes me most interested in arriving in this amazing country.

All the babes and the white nights will definitely make me forget about my boring life and my stupid work.

At the gate, just waiting to get my ass into that plane which would lead me to Thailand, the mother and father of whores and tramps.

I was very excited to arrive that the trip, which lasted for 9 hours, passed in a minute, I didn’t even realized when I have arrived at the Thai International Airport.

After a tough year of working intensively and having to support many of my stupid colleagues at the office, I was finally minutes away from a whole week of relaxation and fun.

Having this trip was making me very happy and excited, willing to explore as much of the beauties and also the babes.

I am a true fan of babes and I love to experience new things when I am in vacation.

Since I am a lone guy with no relationship on my back, I can do whatever I want, and fucking babes is one of my favorite things to do.

A bit surprised but very excited to explore the wonders of this country I grabbed a cab and told the driver to take me to the Hotel.

The location of my Hotel, at least that’s what the driver told me, was in the heart of Bangkok, in the best area for restaurants, clubs, pubs and massage saloons.

When I hears the driver telling me such news, I was everything but sad, I mean, a whole week in the middle of the fun, surrounded by tourists and hot Thai babes.