Four of the party's representatives have since repaid sums ranging from £33 to £3,446 in full.

Ms Mc Garry's office said her card was currently operational.

'There was a mix up in the payment of the deposit for accommodation, but this has since been rectified, and Ipsa are satisfied with the repayment,' a spokeswoman said.

The latest details date from the end of June, when a previous disclosure sparked a furious row between Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith and Ipsa about whether his card had been suspended over a £1,000 debt.

Some of the new cases involved disputed claims, with energy select committee chairman Angus Mac Neil building up a £950 tab after charging a series of hotel bills for more than £250 a night.

Consumer credit, including finance deals to buy cars, rose by 9.1 per cent in January, the Bank of England said.

It was the largest rise in unsecured borrowing since January 2006 and fuelled fears of a debt-led 'bubble' as seen before the last financial crisis.

Debt charities warned against families 'maxing out' on their cards to get by.

Five SNP politicians were among the 14 who were sanctioned by the Independent Parliamentary Standards authority.

He insisted the rooms were the cheapest available, but has now repaid the difference above Ipsa's £150-a-night maximum rate.