There are many remedies for this disorder, such as allopathic, surgical and adjunctive.None of the therapies satisfactorily cure this condition."Secondly, these are either costly or single component based, with very low level of efficacy.

I thought the least I could do was write and explain things - along the lines of 'I don't know if I have the physical, mental and emotional strength to continue being pummelled daily by people's nonsense and ignorance'.

"This skin disorder is considered a social stigma in our country and people confuse it with leprosy.

Affected individuals always remain in constant depression with the feeling of being socially outcast.

Diesel model Winnie Harlow, who suffers from vitiligo, the same rare skin condition that singer Michael Jackson was diagnosed with, has been pictured enjoying a cozy night on the town with albino fashion star Shaun Ross.

Winnie, 19, who was unveiled as one of the newest faces of fashion label Diesel earlier this year, was wearing a short and simple black and gold mini dress, which she accessorized with a pair of gold strappy heels.

Winnie, whose real name is Chantelle Brown-Young, was one of the contestants on Tyra's hit reality series America's Next Top Model, while Shaun made an appearance on the former model's eponymous talk show in 2009.

Despite their cozy appearance, it's not thought that the two are dating - however Shaun did take the time to post a heartwarming message to the model on his Instagram account, just hours after the pair attended the Popular magazine event.

During Winnie's cameo, she holds a photo of her grandfather alongside the mothers of Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown and Eric Garner - African American men shot dead by US police officers - who are showing images of their late sons.

Speaking about her chat to Beyonce on the video set, Winnie said: 'I wanted to thank her for acknowledging me as a strong black woman and uplifting and continuing to empower us all.

Diesel is proving a point with its SS15 campaign, which aims to promote 'tolerance, equality and unconditional love' and stars the likes of Winnie Harlow, centre, who suffers from the skin condition vitiligo She said at certain points she was plagued with suicidal thoughts but found the strength to pull through.

Moving from California to Canada with her family also provided the opportunity for a fresh start.